My Work

Eleven years of Software Development experience.

📱 Mobile Software

Interesting small contribution of mine is mobile software architecture called Super Simple. It is used in couple of production application including one managed by rather large remote team. It is praised for being simple, robust and having positive impact on maintainability. Currently, it is only implemented for Swift on iOS - my main platform of interest - but soon I want to port it to Kotlin.

🎓 Education

I worked on various web and mobile app software but I am mostly proud of my educational efforts. I spent some time thinking about programming, especially Design Patterns implemented in Swift and Principles of OOD based on Uncle Bob articles. I tried to distil rather complex ideas and prepared two very popular publications in the form of GitHub repositories that can be read as articles or used as Swift Playgrounds and played with. It is nothing grand but it has changed how I see and value my time. Now I perceive the time spent outside education as almost idle.